What We Believe


the catholic creeds

We believe in the catholic (whole or universal) church creeds. These are statements which were drawn from the Holy Scriptures as a summary of the Christian faith and are shared by Christians across the world. Lutherans, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox all hold to these creeds with little exception.

Apostle’s Creed (click here)

Nicene Creed (click here)

Athanasian Creed (click here)

Articles of Religion

The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion were developed as a statement of the reformed beliefs of the Church of England during the Protestant Reformation. They carefully state how Anglicanism inherits the Biblical catholic faith and reforms itself from the errors of the Medieval church. Click here to read the Thirty-Nine Articles. You’ll notice some of these articles are specific to the Church of England so you can find the slightly modified American version here.

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lex orandi lex credendi

“What we pray, is what we believe” is a loose translation of the Latin above. What does this mean? It means that our worship is praying through the Scriptures because they are the ultimate authority for Anglicans. How we worship is contained in the Book of Common Prayer. It strings the Scripture together to create a worship centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and directs our attention to Christ alone for salvation. Our doctrine is reflected in our prayer book and is a “fence” to keep pastors from straying into heresy or anything that takes away from Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.